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STEP FORWARD Will Benefit You

Most entrepreneurs and administrators are frustrated with the information management systems available to them. They often feel impotent in making important decisions because of lack of quality and timely information.

We have the cure: STEP FORWARD software empowers everyone.

If you are an Entrepreneur or Administrator,
who has a need to develop and utilize unique information systems that will address your specific needs suitable to your industry or agency, as well as your management style, STEP FORWARD will make it possible.

You no longer have to “shoe-horn” your information requirements and administrative procedures into a pre-packaged straightjacket and/or myriads of spread-sheets. Rather, you can combine the power of STEP FORWARD with the brilliance of your imagination in a cost-effective manner. In addition, the support offered by Gestalt includes training in addressing solutions to information management in a holistic manner, as opposed to the all too prevalent silo mentality.

If you are a Consultant,
you can substantially increase your revenue stream, whether as management consultant, accountant, or information technology consultant by becoming a STEP FORWARD Configurator.

STEP FORWARD is the only graphical/visual development framework that empowers virtually anyone to create database-centric software applications. Consultants can export and re-use their information system creations, in whole or in part, and reuse them in other STEP FORWARD-based applications. You may also create add-ons or industry-specific applications and market them under your own “private label,” subject to indicating that they are STEP FORWARD-based. Taken in its totality, STEP FORWARD can broaden any Consultant’s geographical market penetration and dramatically increase the profitability.

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